Carisbrooke College

Carisbrooke College


Over the summer, Johnsons undertook the relocation of Carisbrooke College for Sir Robert McAlpine. The project scope included the relocation of over three thousand items that were identified on the condition survey, along with packing crates to host desk/shelving/personal items. A number of larger items were located in the Dining Hall Tent and English/Science Mobiles on the same site.


We provided a fully inclusive move management service over nine days covering all time onsite including attending set up meetings and providing specific move guides with all key tasks/information/dates to ensure all pre-move activity was accurately actioned.

Our Move Manager was the single point of contact and maintained regular communications with the Move Representative from the College to ensure any such challenges were proactively dealt with:

Providing a consistent team of operatives

Managing the crate process from start to finish, ensuring all standard and IT crates were delivered and distributed to the correct departments and placed in the correct rooms at the final location

Mitigating damage to items not being relocated in crates


The allowance of packing materials for fragile items mitigated any damage and cages were utilised for larger items as identified. As a result of our thorough site survey and consistent team, the project was completed within the required timeframe.

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