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Quite recently we have completed a major internal restack of 7 Floors for refurbishment works, including a full furniture audit prior to commencement.



Staff were provided with crates leading up to their move then relocated to various other floors within the building, furniture was then removed and taken to storage where it was inventoried and held whilst the refurbishment took place.

Once the works were completed, furniture was brought back in and positioned according to the new layouts, staff were then relocated to their new desk position with their crates. Redundant furniture was then recycled or retained for future use on other floors. The project stretched over numerous phases over a 15 month period from April 2018 through to July 2019.



Items Cleared from Nobel House:11,551.22kg

Percentage of Metal Recycled: 100% By EMR

Percentage of Other Recycled: 90% by Associated Companies

Donations Made: 10% To Local Schools and Community Projects

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