Glasdir School

Glasdir School


Johnsons were awarded the combined relocation packages of Rohs Street Catholic Primary School and Ysgol Pen Barras School under the Glasdir School Development Project. This project involved the amalgamation of the two old farmhouse style buildings in to one, new, state of the art school.


The project included the relocation of areas such as the classrooms, dining rooms, store rooms and reception areas as well as some more specialist areas such as the library, music room, nursery, and therapy room. Within these specialist areas we relocated books and files, musical instruments and other items which needed particular care and attention, all of which were packed professionally. This included the export wrapping of the grand piano and the rocking horse to ensure maximum protection throughout the removal.

The access to the original schools were partly restricted and within close proximity to residents. To overcome this obstacle, we used vehicles no larger than 7.5tonne to reduce noise and inconvenience to the neighbouring residents and worked within the daytime hours.


Johnsons’ Move Manager, Paul Robinson, said of the project; “It was important on this project to establish access areas at all sites as the schools were situated in areas of residential.”

Working closely with the builders to meet required deadlines was, at times, challenging but the Move Manager overseeing this project and the experienced, trained and uniformed staff ensured everything ran smoothly, relocating all goods with no issues. Overall it was a success with the School being impressed with our experienced team and capabilities.

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