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Over the summer holiday period, Turner and Townsend commenced their search for a removals company to temporarily relocate staff and pupil equipment from the Barrack Road during a major building refurbishment. A decant was required of existing furniture to make space for new which, upon delivery, was distributed and assembled by our team.

We provided the following set of services:

Fully inclusive Project Move Management service

Move Management

Relocation over consecutive weekends

Supply of protection for specialist items

Dismantling and reassembling of furniture

Provision of sufficient crates and pre-printed labels to enable staff to pack up the contents of the classrooms, offices and store rooms

Completing detailed and full relocation scheduling and timeline baseline for all relocation activity to seamlessly follow

Ensuring regular communication and single point of contact with the Academy

Provision of a pre and post building condition survey

Clearance and recycling of redundant furniture and equipment

Facilitating the staff feedback process


There was a large amount of specialist, heavy, technical and delicate equipment and items being relocated, as well as the general staff furniture and filing. A Move Manager was allocated to attend site prior to the commencement of the project, providing enough time to complete planning and validation activities. They were also present throughout the duration of the project, to ensure the relocation was completed seamlessly and in accordance with the agreed plans with the College.

Their main responsibilities were:

Undertaking a validation of the legacy survey and providing a report

Attending both campuses to undertake a packing workshop with the staff

Attending a pre-move set up to establish plans for the pre-printed labels and ensuing all floor plans were accurate and complete

Attending BUG (Business User Group) meeting with all Move Champions – with the outputs ensuring that everyone understands the packing and labelling strategy and Q & A regarding the relocation process

Engaging with the allocated Move Champions at both campuses

Planning and managing the sequencing of team relocations over 2 phases

As we were presented with a short time frame to finish the project, we completed the crux of the works out over consecutive weekdays and weekends, providing teams to carry out daytime and evening shifts, ensuring the any disruption was kept to a minimum.


Overall the project was a success, with Johnsons’ staff completing the large relocation process in the given time frame. The Move Manager in attendance throughout ensured the relocation ran seamlessly, attending the site prior to check everything was prepared for the move.

Experienced, trained and uniformed staff further ensured the relocation process ran smoothly, relocating all goods with no issues.

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