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Johnsons undertook a major laboratory relocation from Knowsley to Ghent, Belgium for Eastman Chemicals. The project involved relocating a high number of complex, sensitive and valuable laboratory and testing equipment, as well as the following:

Project Management inclusive of: Fortnightly Meetings from Instruction, validation, pre-pack, moving period, programme management, Belgium pre-move visits, furniture disposal substantiation

Validation and finalisation of the asset list to be transported

Pack/unpack disconnected IT

Labelling strategy for the relocation

Design and provision of 14 x specialist Novak wooden crates and 74 x IT crates for the protection of IT and certain specialist items in the Analytical and Coatings areas

Provision of 325 x plastic lidded crates which will be packed and unpacked for the items stored in cupboards throughout the departments

Relocation of 4 x 18 ton loads of items and equipment from Knowlsey to Ghent


Following a number of site visits and meetings with the project team at Eastman, we believed the key to a successful relocation was the provision of an experienced Move Manager who understood the relocation process as well as being able to programme multiple elements of the relocation into the overall programme. Our dedicated Move Manager therefore provided a strong support function to the team and was able to lead the relocation to a successful delivery.

The high level project management included verification of assets being relocated, management and design of the relocation programme, management of subcontractors involved in the relocation and control of costs in line with the budget. We based the project management allocation on:

Management and costs associated with the technical decommission and recommission of the Analytical department’s equipment

Packing, crating, relocating and unpacking of the Analytical and Coatings departments, including specialist attention of the Omissions Chamber. This was wrapped in anti-static bubble and received a shrink wrap finish, all displays were covered in card, the unit was then provided with sponge profiles on each corner and finally everything was held into place by a final layer of shrink wrap

Schedule for the physical relocation to be in two phases.

Specialist Equipment

The specialist equipment being relocation included:

1 x Demag Injection Moulding machine: 4.3m x 1.43m x 1.853m – 4500kgs

1 x Dryer: 1.0m x 0.6m x 1.9m – approx. 400kgs

Hoppers for Dryer: 1.8m x 0.7m x 1.6m – 200kgs

1 x Dryer: 1.4m x 1.0m x 1.9m – approx. 400kgsHoppers for Dryer: 2.8m x 1.0m x 1.8m – approx. 300kgs

1 x CNC Router: 1.6m x 1.65m x 1.45m – approx. 1000kgs

In addition to the above, we provided Eastman’s with a team for handling the unwanted furniture from the offices, admin area, boardroom and meeting rooms and, due to overseas chemical transfers being subject to very strict regulations, an audit of the MSDS chemical list and quantities, ensuring we worked within all European regulations.


Due to providing a dedicated Move Manager and Project Team on this project, we were able to condense the programme into fewer days than originally planned, without any negative effect on the quality of service delivery.

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