Nottingham College


In July 2018, we undertook a major relocation project of Nottingham College, consisting of the following areas:

Fully inclusive Project Move Management service (12 days) – includes a legacy survey and report, packing workshop, pre-move set up (labels and floor plans), daily on-site attendance

Relocation of chemicals provided in the COSHH list

Provision of sufficient crates and labels to enable staff to pack up the contents of the offices and storerooms

Completing detailed and full relocation scheduling and timeline baseline for all relocation activity to seamlessly follow

Ensuring regular communication and single point of contact with the College

Provision of a pre and post building condition survey

Clearance of Johnsons generated waste

Beeston Campus: This campus was relocated over a 6 day period and included the relocation of the following specialised items:

large machinery from woodwork


flow cabinet



 Clifton Campus: This campus was relocated over a 4 day period and included the relocation of the following specialised items:

large plotter


21 bays of racking

bike lockers



 Basford Campus: This area was relocation over the course of 1 day and included the relocation of:


flow cabinets

10 large gratnal units


Due to the large amount of specialist, heavy, technical and delicate equipment and items being relocated, as well as the general staff furniture and filing, a Move Manager was allocated to attend site prior to the commencement of the project. This provided enough time to complete planning and validation activities. They were also present throughout the duration of the project, to ensure the relocation was completed seamlessly and in accordance with the agreed plans with the College.


Overall the project was a success, with Johnsons staff completing the large relocation process in the given time frame.  The allowance of packing materials for fragile items mitigated any damage, cages were utilised for larger items such as sports and PE equipment and music as identified during the survey.

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