BBC Wales

BBC Wales


Following a successful tender negotiation period, Johnsons had the complete pride of being awarded the BBC Wales’ head office relocation in Cardiff. After 50 years of residence at Broadcasting House, around 1,000 staff are being relocated to Central Square over a number of phases.


Each of the first five phases were completed over weekend periods to minimise disruption to the live site at Broadcasting House, which by allocating Kevin Stuart as the dedicated Move Manager, meant the transitionary period for each tranche of staff ran smoothly.

We supplied all resources including locker crates, personal crates and cages for any loose IT equipment and have so far relocated four safes (two of which required specialist equipment to lift and move), industrial printers, scanners, occupational health chairs and over a century work of the BBC Radio Times archive!


The first chapter of moves has just been completed, with high praise from the BBC Moves Manager himself: “Just wanted to say thanks again for your support this weekend – all has gone well this morning, with everything in place as required. As expected, all was done with a high level of professionalism from the team and it was a great team to work with. Please offer my thanks to the guys and I look forward to working with them in 2020 for the next phase.”

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