Johnsons Business Moves have worked on several projects at AstraZeneca, resulting in the clearance of redundant furniture. We have cleared circa 20,499kg of items which were deemed no longer fit for purpose from sites in Cambridge, Macclesfield, Horizon Place and Alderley Park.



Cambridge: 1,580kg items cleared

Macclesfield: 16,234kg items cleared

Horizon Place: 430kg items cleared

Alderley Park: 2,365kg items cleared

Through our recycling initiatives, Johnsons and JLL has helped to save AstraZeneca £167,771 by recycling and donating through our partners.

Facts and Figures

Every year the University of Cambridge undertakes a famous boat race with its oldest rival; University of Oxford. The total weight of both boats and its 16 crew members equates to the weight of savings we made for the Cambridge site over just five projects so far in 2019.

Macclesfield forest is well known for its diverse ecology: the volume of landfill savings made on projects at AZ’s Macclesfield site equates to saving over 270 of its trees.

The weight of goods recycled and donated from projects at the Alderley Park and Horizon Place sites (2,795kg) falls just short of 10% of the weight of the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank.

Past projects

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