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Capital One


Johnsons undertook the internal restack project of 1,400 staff over three floors at Capital One’s Trent House in Nottingham. This included a fully inclusive project move management service and IT decom/recom provision over ‘One Big Weekend’ featuring:   

Fully inclusive project management services

Pre-relocation planning/scheduling/meeting days

Attending project set up meeting to conduct project kick-off and agree final scope/project governance

Completing regular meetings with key client stakeholders/move champions

Providing specific move guides with all key tasks/information/dates to ensure all pre-move activities are correctly completed by Capital One staff

Completing detailed and full relocation scheduling and timeline baseline for all relocation activity to seamlessly follow

Arranging and supply pre-printed labels (based on the provided migration schedules by Capital One project team)

Ensuring all resources/crates are booked in line with the project requirements

Ensuring regular communication and single point of contact with the client

Providing IT and cable management services

Facilitating the staff feedback process 


Due to the large amount of staff and equipment relocating, a Move Manager was allocated to attend site days prior to the commencing of the project, providing enough time to complete planning and validation activities. They were also present throughout the duration of the project, to ensure the relocation was completed seamlessly and in accordance with the agreed plans with Capital One.

Capital One required a complete IT and cable management service as part of the project. With respect to the cable management aspect, we provide IT Technicians to go through and check/replace/tidy the cable management for each user ensuring an allowance was there for the full length of the height adjustable desks and cable tied where required.


Overall the project was a success, with Johnsons’ staff completing the large relocation process in the given time frame. The Move Managers in attendance throughout the weekend project ensured the relocation ran seamlessly, attending the site two days prior to check everything was prepared for the move.

Luke Blacknall, Space and Project Manager at Capital One said of the move: “Overall we were very happy with the work and the feedback was great. I really appreciate the effort that went in to move so many people over 1 weekend and the extra help during the post move operation on Monday and Tuesday.”

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