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Johnsons undertook a substantial staff move and recycling project for Griffiths and Armour encompassing the clearance of five floors of redundant furniture. It was one of the most prestigious projects in the region in recent years, one which we were delighted to be awarded.

The relocation aspect of this project involved us transferring 150 staff, furniture and personal effects from Drury House to Princes Dock in Liverpool. To minimise downtime for staff, the relocation was conducted out of hours over one weekend. Our crews took particular care to protect the new building as there had been a state of the art fit out in the new office.

Both the move and the clearance of the old office needed to be done in a short space of time and without any impact on business continuity.

At the delivery address there was difficult access and limited parking available, this meant that we could only use small vans. To ensure that this didn’t cause any delay we did several trips with two separate teams, one at the delivery address and one at the collection address.


During our site visit, we discussed the recycling options with G&A, providing them with details of our waste management hierarchy (resell, reuse, recycle). It was decided we would identify all items which we believed could be resold and this could potentially provide a cost saving on the removal.

By working with our furniture partners, we were able to arrange for the resale of over 30 tonnes of furniture and saved G&A a substantial amount against their move. The furniture partners utilised on this project operate in areas of regeneration which supported our social value aims.


Any remaining furniture was split down into constituent parts or donated to local businesses to ensure the use of landfill was avoided. In conclusion, circa 50 tonnes of redundant furniture was re-used, sold or recycled in to its constituent parts.

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