Johnsons recently undertook a relocation and recycling project for Honeywell which involved:

Crate Hire (including labels)

Dismantling of furniture and racking for both relocation and recycling

Internal relocation of furniture and crates

Relocation of electrical items such as fax machines and printers

Move Management and pre-move meeting/planning

Experienced, trained and uniformed staff to undertake all works

Building protection applied to main doors, walkways and lifts

Removal of all on site waste generated but Johnsons

Supply of all reports related to the works including waste transfer notes and recycling report



As all redundant items were captured during the site visits, we made the relocation process much easier by differentiating the items being moved from the pieces being left using coloured labels.

The relocation phase took place over two consecutive days whereby our teams relocated 120 staff with various office items including; creates, desks, cabinets, printers, tambour units etc.

The clearance and recycling subsequently took place over four consecutive days and included the recycling of; desks, tambour units, pedestals, tables, racking, noticeboards, soft seating and miscellaneous loose items.

All items identified for disposal were stripped down to their component parts and separated into wood, metal and general waste which was then recycled through the correct channels and a full audit trail provided along with waste management transfer notes.

We then provided them with a CO2 savings report for the recycling project, upon request. The report demonstrates the savings we will make by not sending any of your redundant items to Landfill and a certificate will issued to our client, upon request. We were able to offset sales of furniture and money we get back for metal recycling, against our labour cost to remove the furniture from the sites.


Both phases of the project were completed successfully. We allocated a dedicated Move Manager, ensuring the team maintained focus on the end-goals. We were able to carry out the works without experiencing any major issues, sticking to the timescales given.

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