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Johnsons have undertaken several phased works for the recycling of redundant furniture at the MOD site in Belfast, this has included:

Clearance and recycling of redundant furniture and equipment

Providing a Fitter/Handyman service for dismantling and re-building furniture

To provide sufficient crates and labels to enable staff to pack up contents of offices and store rooms

To relocate legacy furniture and equipment, including crates, along with any equipment too large for crates

To carry out a pre and post move condition survey

To provide adequate protection to main walkways, corridors, lifts and doors

Pre and post move assistance

Working with other contractors

Dismantling and reassembly of furniture


In accordance with our waste management hierarchy, which stipulates our commitment to rehoming furniture through reuse, resale or recycle, it was decided that following on from an assessment of the furniture, the items were in a dilapidated state and were to be sent for recycling.

Recycling Management

Johnsons’ environmental management system is in line with our ISO14001:2015 accreditation. We are a registered waste carrier in the UK and conduct all our recycling to comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally orientated requirements.

Tracking and Auditing

For each phase of the recycling works carried out at the MOD, we supplied a fully audited environmental solution to meet their CSR requirements. We supplied management information upon collecting the redundant furniture, detailing where the furniture has been; reused, resold or recycled.

The report issued to the MOD details:

The total volume of redundant FF&E collected from sites

The breakdown of FF&E recycled based on waste classification codes

The total weight of all FF&E recycled based on waste classification codes

The total volume of FF&E reused or resold

A summary of how much CO2 was saved by reusing and reselling the FF&E

Once identified that they were going to recycling, the items were broken down in to their component parts and distributed to the appropriate and approved recycling centres.


We have been able to provide the MOD with a number of significant cost rebates through the recycling of metal products.

All items were recycled in accordance with our policies, with no items being sent to landfill. The MOD were informed of the process from inception and inspection through to where the items ended up, ensuring our methods aligned with their sustainability procedures.

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