In the summer of 2019, Johnsons teamed with CBRE to deliver the head office clearance and relocation for Ericsson from Guildford, Newbury and Redbee to Reading, with a delivery made to Belfast. The move was due to have a substantial positive effect on the running of the communications outlet and factor in for 21st Century working habits (providing flexible working hours for all staff and offering a home base for travelling workers).


The scope of services included:

Relocation of all items from Guildford, Newbury & Redbee with delivery to Belfast

Fully inclusive project management services – Pre-move meeting/on-site for each phase/post move meeting

Clearance and recycling of redundant furniture

Completing regular meetings with key client stakeholders/move champions

Providing specific move guides with all key tasks/information/dates to ensure all pre-move activities are correctly completed by staff

Completing detailed and full relocation scheduling and timeline baseline for all relocation activity to seamlessly follow

Arranging and supplying colour-coded labels

Ensuring all resources/crates are booked in line with the project requirements

Ensuring regular communication and single point of contact with the client

Facilitating the staff feedback process

We provided a Move Manager to this project as they aimed to protect trading operations and profits from the disruption surrounding business relocations.

Our move methodology incorporates a high level of risk analysis and contingency planning to deal with the unknowns that are a feature of all relocations. Running a multi-phased operation such as this required us to provide a dedicated Move Manager to ensure all staff were fully informed and kept up to date with the scheduling of the moves.


Move Manager, Kevin Stuart said “we concentrated on delivering the scope of works with as little negative impact on the business as possible. It was imperative that the running of systems ran smoothly and to do this I ensured communications throughout the course of phases remained transparent and I was contactable at all stages.”

By providing this service, we were able to ascertain the most sensible order of which to move staff and ensure they were fully informed of all working activities throughout all phases. Communication was key and by providing them with regular updates we were able to ascertain their personal requirements and make the move a far more relaxing experience.

Our commitment to Ericsson and this project was reflected in the success of the project. Our efficacious delivery was underpinned by the planning and preparation of the management team and capabilities of the delivery teams.

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