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The Insolvency Service


Based at Abbey Orchard Street in London, The Insolvency Service were relocating over 350 staff members to their new premises, programming the moves over a ‘big bang’ weekend, we were awarded the project based on previous experience of similar relocations of PepsiCo, Royal Sun Alliance, The Co-Operative, Capital One and many others.

 Johnsons entered into a contract with ISS for the provision of undertaking the following services:

To undertake relocations for ISS estates throughout the UK

Internal and external office moves

Secure temporary storage of items

Clearance and recycling of redundant furniture and equipment

Move management services inclusive of; space planning, auditing, procurement management and installation management

Complete risk management

Providing a dedicated helpdesk and 24/7 point of contact for works requests

Providing a reliable team for the duration of the contract

Providing support to the internal estates team and advising on room/building consolidation and restack plans

Supplying external expertise to the senior stakeholders involved

Value engineering complex projects

Ensuring a robust account management structure is in place with clear, defined lines of communication, accountability and issue resolution

Agreeing on and ensuring all KPI’s in place are practical, accountable and reportable

Meeting and exceeding SLA’s

Providing a team dedicated to BAU works at each of our depots around the UK to support their requirements for small, urgent and ad-hoc requests

Attending client meetings with all key stakeholders


Johnsons provided them with a Move Manager to ensure the project ran to the pre-defined programme, ensuring they provided support to the internal teams. Their remit included:

Attending a kick-off meeting

Reviewing each Directorate’s current filing

Compiling project specific Move Guide/Welcome Pack allowing for amendments/revisions

Completing the furniture audit and compiling it to excel with photos/dimensions/condition rating

Arranging meetings with BUG groups/project teams

Supplying guidance to the pre-move packing

Overseeing the weekend relocation and facilitating a post-move/snagging/lessons learnt meeting.


The relocation proved such a success that week proceeding the completion of the project, their CEO cycled over to visit our Relocation Consultant, Alex Nicholls and Move Manager, Danny Doherty who had just started work on another project, just to express his gratitude for the work they had put in to his project. Expressing “special thanks to Alex, Danny and Ben for their planning and execution and to the team as a whole for a job well done.”

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