Our Business Moves’ team has just completed the first chapter of moves for BBC Wales in Cardiff.  

Circa 1,000 production and support staff are relocating from Broadcasting House to Central Square, with the first phase having just been completed. The move to the new, state-of-the-art building at Central Square is the first BBC centre in the UK to use Internet Protocol (IP) technology for controlling cameras, TV editing and output.

The move brings to an end nearly 50 years of residence at Broadcasting House but opens a whole host of new opportunities at Central Square which has been designed to be the most open and accessible building owned by the BBC.

Working throughout the new building, it was easy to see how their design and layout would provide a creative output for their staff. With floor-to-ceiling windows and solar lighting, the invitation of the outside to the in acts as the metaphor for the plans of offering the public and community the opportunity to tour the premises.

Having received amazing feedback from BBC’s Moves Manager, our team is looking forward to complete the final project phases in the New Year!