Nestlé, Felix the Cat Model Relocation

The Project

Nestlé recently presented Johnsons with a captivating opportunity: the task of relocating a life-sized Lego model of the beloved and nationally recognised character, Felix the Cat. Crafted from an astonishing 80,000 individual Lego pieces, Felix stood at an impressive 6 feet tall.

Given the model’s substantial size and inherent fragility, Johnsons approached this relocation with the utmost care and meticulous planning. Collaborating closely with Nestlé, we orchestrated every detail to ensure a seamless move.

To safeguard the life-sized model, we created bespoke crates and access panels, custom-tailored for the safe transportation of the model. A generous 1500mm layer of bubble wrap was added for an additional layer of protection. Tilt and shock blast stickers were affixed to the exterior of the crate, serving as visual risk monitors to prevent any potential damage that could result from careless handling during loading and unloading.

Creation of Bespoke Crates

One of the key factors in the triumphant execution of this project was the creation of a customer crate for transporting the model. Recognising the uniqueness of the item, we constructed a crate adhering to the following dimensions: 2300mm in length, 1210mm in width, 1900mm in height, and a base depth of 170mm. To further ensure the safety of the model, we lined the crate with foam and secured the model using support bars to brace the model during transit.

We were also tasked to create bespoke wooden access panel covers that were to be fitted at the base of the model, a task that was expertly handled by one of our skilled fitters created by hand.


Project Management

Provision of an 18T vehicle and driers to relocate the model as well as three personnel to physically load and deliver Felix. Additionally, we provided a senior JBM Move Supervisor who was on site for the duration of the relocation.

Site Visits

We provided site visits to undertake measurements of the model and to ensure that all dimensions were accurate.

Access Panel Covers

Provision of fitter to make wooden access panel covers that were fitted to the base of the model during transit.

Packaging and Protection

Designed and provided a bespoke wooden crate with foam lining, ensuring a snug and secure fit for the model. This bespoke design was paired with bubble wrap and tilt and shock stickers to showcase the visual risk monitors, preventing damage to the model.

Here at Johnsons Business Moves, we take pride in our meticulous approach to delicate and complex relocations. The successful relocation of Nestlé’s iconic Felix the Cat Lego model stands as a testament to our dedication to precision and client satisfaction.