Durham Constabulary Relocation

The Project

Durham Constabulary were in the process of moving equipment from custody suites located at Durham City and Darlington to their new centralised building at Durham Gate.

Dunstable Constabulary sought a service provider who could offer an innovative and cost-effective solution within a precisely managed timeline. The project encompassed seven locations across the Durham area, involving the transfer of a wide range of items, from staff files to medical suppliers, safes to photobooths, and freezers.

Transport of Sensitive Information

Given the sensitive nature of the information involved in the Durham Constabulary relocation, upholding Data Protection Regulations was of paramount importance. Our ability to demonstrate how we would safely and discreetly move this data played a pivotal role in securing the contract.

As a company, we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and have a comprehensive confidential file transfer methodology and policy in place. Our staff are DBS enhanced, NPPVL1, and SC cleared where required, indicating their capability and training to handle confidential relocations. Johnsons conducts all confidential transfers in accordance with the CPNI guidance and Secure Transportation of Sensitive Items.

In addition, we presented the Constabulary with an array of security measures, collaborating closely to identify the most suitable options. We supplied anti-tamper crates, securing them with numbered security seals approved for use by Durham Constabulary. Furthermore, Johnsons maintains a fully implemented Data Protection Policy, thoroughly understood by all employees, ensuring the security of all data handled during operations. This policy adheres to current legislation and undergoes bi-annual reviews to ensure compliance with any new legal requirements.


Project Management

  • Provision of project management, delivery managers, supervisors, and a highly trained team to facilitate the seamless relocation of items.

Migration Schedule and Storage Audit

  • Development of a comprehensive migration schedule for complete transparency on the sequence of events.
  • Conducted storage audits where needed and established security protocols for the confidential and sensitive information to be transported.

Site Visits

  • Prior site visits for precise cost assessment and a thorough understanding of the contract’s requirements and scope.

Move Guides

  • Relocation of a diverse range of items, including staff files, filing cabinets, locker contents, and paperwork, all executed with precision and care.

In the relocation of Durham Constabulary’s vital equipment, Johnsons exhibited a meticulous approach, ensuring the secure transfer of sensitive information and a seamless project execution. Our commitment to detail and compliance made us the trusted choice for this significant undertaking.